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Selling Structured Settlement Payments?

Selling your structured settlement is a complicated process which has many moving parts. It usually takes 2 months or longer to complete this process. We are experts in dealing with the sale of structured settlements, and are here to help you make sure that a factoring company does not take advantage of you.

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Can You Get Me More Money?

Yes! We guarantee it! We at Sell Structured Settlement Advisors can get you more money for you future payments. If we can't beat your existing offer, we will pay your $500 dollars cash. Sell Structured Settlement Advisors can get you more for your future payments.

Accelerating Investment Annuity Payments

We can help you get unshackled from your investment annuity payment schedule. If you, like many others, are locked into a payment schedule that is no longer working for you, we can help. Call us today to go over your options. We can often get you much more money than the insurance companies accelerated payout schedule.

The Advisors Advantage

When you work with Sell Structured Settlement Advisors, a Payment Stream Advisors devision, you are working with experienced structued settlement experts who work with you to find a deal that works for you!


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We put our money where our mouth is! We’re so sure that we can get you more, that we guarantee it! Contact us now for details and receive a guarantee in writing. You must receive our written guarantee before entering a contract with another factoring company for it to be valid.